Speech by Teresa Pomar for Aula Airbus opening

When a few months ago, Chus first told me about Aula Airbus, the first thing that I thought was how incredible the project was. And the second thing was, to be honest, how complicated it will be to do it at this University. Today, we are seeing that the complicated only takes a little longer and with effort and enthusiasm, you can go a long way. Because this project in itself goes further. Breaking barriers, opening minds, changing the way of teaching and learning and giving students the opportunity of enjoying doing it.

As a student, this Project changes a lot of things. Learning goes further than theoretical lectures given in class, allowing us the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of activities to develop our soft skills. In many cases, this will be the first contact between students and the world of aeronautics, its ways of working, the real problems that the sector faces and, of course, the solutions to these problems.

Nevertheless, not only technical activities have a place here. Airbus knows that talent and creativity are important values for an engineer. Values that need to be promoted and learnt. By encouraging, enthusiasm and effort, the Aula will promote these values in its activities. It will develop professionals in the sector who are more all-round, balanced and proactive.

Through the Aula Airbus, the Company is building a bridge to connect the working world with the University. It’s giving us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in amazing projects, combining the experience of Airbus engineers with the freshness of so many students who want to participate in the activities that the Aula will propose.

This Project gives the Company the opportunity of having a pool of students who are better trained for future challenges. Not only with a higher level of technical knowledge but also with more developed personal skills focussed on the things expected. People who are creative, innovative and with a wide view of the industry are the thing that we obtain from this project.

A Project of these characteristics also provides an incentive for us in our learning process. A place where things happen in a different way, motives the students to carry on with our demanding training. The project also Improves academic achievementand widens the perspective of knowledge.

Aula Airbus won’t go unnoticed. It will leave its mark on us, and will help to build the future that we want to create. The opportunity is here let´s seize it.


Thank you Airbus for making our ideas fly. The University for giving us the place to do this. And especially, to us, the students, for being here today demonstrating that this is, what we need.

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